Southern Oregon Butterflies Poster smHome to an extraordinary number of plant, animal, and insect species, the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion is a hotspot of biodiversity. This artwork includes roughly one third of the one hundred and twenty documented butterfly species of the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion in Southern Oregon and Northern California. A unique feature of this production is the integration of the caterpillar host plants, something that is often overlooked. Each butterfly species existing on the planet has a host plant with which they form a symbiotic relationship. The vast majority of the butterflies in this poster are pictured on or near their host plants. Keys are included on the poster which help viewers identify the names of the butterflies and their associated host plants, including the latin names of each species.

NEW: "Butterfly Diversity in the Cascade-Siskiyous"

mural painting in Palestine sBelow is a letter Deb wrote about her recent trip to make a mural in Palestine: 
Hello Friends!
In deep gratitude to all the people who facilitated my safe journey to and from the Palestine Museum of Natural History (PMNH) in Bethlehem, I returned to the US one week ago!  While in the West Bank I had a wonderful time making a large mural at the PMNH, just in time for the museum’s grand opening! (Please see attached pics)
 The mural includes animals and plants native to Palestine. Three birds are featured, the common names of which follow:  the eagle owl, the bee-eater and the hoopoe. The Palestinian red fox appears at the entrance of a cave, behind native wildflowers, including the anemone, yellow and white stars of Bethlehem and the iris.  The mural is about 55 feet long and 12 feet high and appears on a wall at the eastern end of the museum's property, facing the museum's two greenhouses. 

New Mural at Palestine Museum of Natural History