Palestine--Israeli-Apartheid-Wall-at-Aida-Refugee-Campimagine you are a child walking to school in the morning from the refugee camp in which you live. each day you walk next to a huge concrete wall which leads to a tower at the corner of the street on which you live.  you are told that soldiers sit in the top of the tower and look out its windows.  you are told that the men in the towers don't like you because you are of a race and religion different from them. you don't understand why they don't like you and don't trust your relatives.  you are told that the men in the tower look similar to the soldiers in the streets who walk around carrying guns.  you have seen some of those soldiers take five of your relatives--including your cousin who is your same age--out of their houses in the middle of the night.  you miss your relatives and wonder when they will come home from jail.