Palestine-Wildlife-Refuge-Being-Starved-of-Waterimagine you are a biology student who is excited to go out with your biology professor to a nature preserve to collect rare insects and plant species.  as your professor drives into the area which he visited just one year before, he tells you there used to be a thriving stream near the dirt road. all you can see out the window of the car is a trickle of water.  the reason there is so much less water now as opposed to one year ago is that settlements have been built just above this nature preserve.  you see one of the pipes which brings water to one of the settlements. when you get out of the car you see algae in the stream and a few small fish.  you walk into the bush with your professor to find good specimens.  an international visitor accompanies you all into this wild place.  she is happy to make a beautiful watercolor painting of this beautiful place.  she tells you she will tell others in her country about the injustice of the settlement construction.  she tells you she has attended protested against the settlements alongside your professor.  you tell the international that you don't believe in the protesting.  you say it is useless and just a good way to get into jail.  you say that you are working as hard as you can to get into a good graduate school program to help preserve the natural wonders of your land.  you say you cannot understand why all the protesting which is just a waste of time that could be used to organize and build a natural history museum in your country.