David Coombs said today after coming out of the Ft. Meade courtroom:  "We have won the battle.  We have yet to win the war."  He also said that he will not be celebrating tonite; rather, he will be hard at work preparing for tomorrow, the beginning of the sentencing phase of the court martial. 

For those of you who have not heard, Bradley Manning was found NOT guilty of two out of the 21 charges against him.  The two not guilty charges were "aiding the enemy" and releasing a certain video called the "Farah video." The maximum sentence for the remaining nineteen charges is 136 years. There is no minimum sentence for any of these charges, so it is within the realm of possibility that Bradley could get out of jail with "time served".   Read more of the specifics here:
Also, read a great blog from Ed Pilkington of the Guardian.  I met Ed this morning and he included a couple of quotes about my observations of Bradley and what it is like to draw him:
This article in an international online arts magazine talks about my work, the auction, and the "bradass87" play the auction is promoting: 
One more:  I was told by a friend that they heard me talking on NPR radio tonite at about 7:30pm EST.  If anyone heard that and can tell me exactly what show that was on, I would much appreciate it!  Apparently the broadcaster mentioned that I have attended each day of the trial.
Stay tuned for more!  This month is going to be, perhaps, the most interesting and busy of the whole trial.  Whereas Manning's motives for releasing the information was not allowed to be used as evidence in the court martial, it can be used to influence the judge during the sentencing phase.  In response to questions from the attorneys, the witnesses will be free to speak about Brad's motives for releasing the leaked information.