Never before in my lifetime have I feared my government as I do now, in anticipation of the ruling from Judge Col. Denise Lind in the Bradley Manning case. After attending every single day of the court martial, I conclude that several laws and constitutional protections are being violated in trial. Though I still hold out hope to be happily surprised, I currently don't have faith that Judge Col. Denise Lind will do the right thing by Bradley and all American citizens who have an interest in the truth.
 On Thursday at Ft. Meade, I witnessed the prosecuting attorney Ashden Fein lie about Bradley. He repeatedly took Bradley's quotes completely out of context, and then used those quotations, accompanied by false logic, to claim Bradley is a traitor, someone looking for notoriety, and someone with "evil" intent who does not care what people were harmed by his actions!  Please, if you have not read about what Bradley actually did or did not do, take the time NOW.  The future of this compassionate 25-year old, in addition to the freedom of all whistleblowers, is under threat now.  Loads of info. about Manning is at
Read article summarizing prosecution's closing arguments here
Emotions were running high yesterday as Bradley Manning supporters witnessed Defense Attorney David Coombs deliver his 3-hour closing argument at Ft. Meade, Maryland; at 3pm they demonstrated their support for Bradley at Ft. McNair in Washington DC.  Read the first portion of Coombs' closing argument here.   Watch a moving speech given at Ft. McNair by Iraqi citizen, Farah Muhsin, by clicking here.
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