I was arrested for trespassing this past Friday at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I interrupted David Petraeus as he was speaking for a luncheon sponsored by the West Michigan World Affairs Council.  Please read the story below. The short version comes first, under "The Essential Facts". If you have time, read "The Details". The last section contains information about Petraeus' war crimes.  Thanks for your support! 

The Essential Facts

 . As I sat in that ballroom luncheon, I designed to send a fissure through David Petraeus’ edifice of lies with the intent to reach someone with the truth who desperately needed to hear it like I once did.  While Petraeus was talking about Iraq, I stood up and yelled, “David Petraeus, you are a war criminal!  You are responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children!”  At some point during those sentences my arm was grabbed as I was told to stop speaking and leave the room.  I stood in place and kept talking. I don’t remember exactly what I said next; I had intended to talk about the escalation of the drone wars under Petraeus and the hundreds of innocent men, women and children that were killed. After I was escorted out of the room the two men with me asked to see my ID and then told me I was under arrest for trespassing at a private event. They said I was charged with trespassing for two reasons: one, I did not have a ticket to the event and two, I continued speaking after they asked me to stop.  They put handcuffs on me while in the lobby and then escorted me to the police car outside.  

The Details: 

This past Wednesday, on January 29 I found out  that David Petraeus, the former commander of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and former CIA Director under the Obama Administration, was scheduled to speak at a West Michigan World Affairs Council luncheon in Grand Rapids, Michigan just two days later. Since I am now living in Grand Rapids (GR), I began imagining the opportunities I might to confront Petraeus’ for his history of horrible war crimes. (To learn more about Petraeus, please refer to the information at the end of this piece.)  

In the 48-hour period I had to plan an action, my first move was to find out if any other