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Auction-Bradley-PortraitThe Iraq and Afghan war logs, the Collateral Murder video, and the US State Department cables which Chelsea Manning revealed to the world demonstrate her awareness of abuses of power in the United States government.  Private Chelsea Manning took the risks she did because she longed for public debate of unjust US policies.

In addition to the opportunites for intelligent debate presented by the leaks themselves, Chelsea Manning's trial also provided a grand opportunity for the world to discuss the policies of the powerful US government and military.  But cameras were not allowed in the courtroom of the historic trial. Because the court martial proceedings, which began on June 3 and ended on August 21, 2013, were mostly ignored by world's mainstream media outlets, Van Poolen contributed her energies and abilities to the citizen-initiated efforts to get the truth out to the publc.  

Deb attended each day of the trial and created many drawings of Chelsea Manning, the defending attorneys, the witnesses for both sides, Judge Col. Denise Lind, and members of the attending publc. Deb's drawings and paintings were regularly featured on the Private Manning Support Network website as well as in other publications such as and

See all the Drawings from the Chelsea Manning Trial

Giclee' Prints

balsalmrootGiclee' prints of Deb Van Poolen's watercolor paintings and drawings are available on this site.

To view the images, click  here.  

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Ladakh, India

leh cityLeh city

Ladakh is located in northern India bordering Tibet on the East and Kashmir on the West. Deb traveled to various fascinating regions of Ladakh between 2004 and 2011. Enjoy viewing some of her writings and photographs of those journeys.